Friday, January 23, 2009

God's blessings and Tower Suites

I am soooo excited... I have to write a blog quickly... SO it was payday today and I open my check and there is a very unexpected bonus in there. PRAISE the LORD!! My mind immediately goes to my 12th Anniversary this weekend... I have a talk with my self for a sec and wonder.. "could it possibly work out"? My self tells me "Why don't you call and find out" Ok, so here it is..
We have had no special plans for our Anniversary. Every year we talk about staying at the place we spent our honeymoon at. Then of course for one reason or another we don't do it. Usually because of money (lack of).

Nervously, I dialed the Number and said "I know this is late notice, but is the Tower Suite available for tomorrow night" (and I tell her about it being our anniversary and that is where we stayed on our wedding night). She puts me on hold and quickly comes back and says "Yes it is available and I can even discount it for you".... I was blown away and giddy and tell her give me 5 minutes to call my husband. I call Jason and we talk it over and it just all seems to so surreal. Jason says "Let's do it"! I call her back all excited and confirm for tomorrow night.

Here are some pics of where we are staying again 12 years later! It is call the Elfindale Mansion! We are staying the Tower Suite!

You can actually go up in the tower and look out. It is so pretty!

I remember that naive young woman 12 years ago. She thought she knew what she was getting into and that she loved this man with all her heart! Come to find... she had NO clue what she was getting into AND the love she felt for him, was just a DROP of what she feels for him 12 years later!

Happy Anniversary BABY!!!


Sassy said...

That is a very pretty place!! You guys have a great time!!
Happy Anniversary!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie! That is awesome! The place looks beautiful :) I am so happy for you both. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

wow, how cool is that?! and you tried to tell me your life wasn't exciting! HA! i hope your weekend was incredible!

kanishk said...

.. a wonderful testimony in such sweet words. You are blessed.

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