Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Very Special Poem From My Amazing Husband!

I Remember Mother's Day

I remember when it was a day of mourning,
When you cried the tears of Hanna.
I remember the pain in my heart,
When you tried to spare my feelings.
I remember the shame that plagued you,
When you remembered a youthful regret.
I remember turning to doctors for an answer,
When, "I'm sorry..." was all they could say.
I remember giving up,
When we could not find nor afford another way.

I remember a prophets question,
When a prayer and a prediction birthed hope.
I remember it was a daughter he foresaw,
When in my heart I confess, little faith was found.
I remember such wasn't the case with you,
When a well of hope in your heart began to rise.

I remember a late night of work and a long drive home,
When I was met at the door by a woman full of excited trepidation.
I remember a bag in in her hand, full of sticks that were positive,
When you were too afraid to trust your own eyes, you looked to mine.
I remember the rush, I couldn't believe what I was seeing,
When I saw your face, I couldn't believe what I was feeling.
It was a year to the day of that man's prayer,
When God saw another Hanna and in love a prayer was answered.

I remember that day in March, I was so excited, so nervous,
When you cried, "I can't do this..." I held your hand and said, "Push"
I remember when she shot out like a bullet, maybe too much push!
When it was over, I looked to make sure my girls were both good.

I remember that feeling...
When I first looked at her face.

I remember the nurse putting her in your arms,
When all hope had almost been lost, the miracle asleep on your chest.

I remember when the day became a day of rejoicing,
When I bought my very first card for you.
I remember when there were still tears,
When you thought of the blessing and the dream God had given.
I remember year after year thanking God for a miracle named Analise,
When a man had given up, and a woman did not.

I remember Mother's day when it was a day of mourning,
I remember Mother's day it's forever a day of rejoicing.