Friday, January 23, 2009

God's blessings and Tower Suites

I am soooo excited... I have to write a blog quickly... SO it was payday today and I open my check and there is a very unexpected bonus in there. PRAISE the LORD!! My mind immediately goes to my 12th Anniversary this weekend... I have a talk with my self for a sec and wonder.. "could it possibly work out"? My self tells me "Why don't you call and find out" Ok, so here it is..
We have had no special plans for our Anniversary. Every year we talk about staying at the place we spent our honeymoon at. Then of course for one reason or another we don't do it. Usually because of money (lack of).

Nervously, I dialed the Number and said "I know this is late notice, but is the Tower Suite available for tomorrow night" (and I tell her about it being our anniversary and that is where we stayed on our wedding night). She puts me on hold and quickly comes back and says "Yes it is available and I can even discount it for you".... I was blown away and giddy and tell her give me 5 minutes to call my husband. I call Jason and we talk it over and it just all seems to so surreal. Jason says "Let's do it"! I call her back all excited and confirm for tomorrow night.

Here are some pics of where we are staying again 12 years later! It is call the Elfindale Mansion! We are staying the Tower Suite!

You can actually go up in the tower and look out. It is so pretty!

I remember that naive young woman 12 years ago. She thought she knew what she was getting into and that she loved this man with all her heart! Come to find... she had NO clue what she was getting into AND the love she felt for him, was just a DROP of what she feels for him 12 years later!

Happy Anniversary BABY!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blogger Envy........

I know, I know... I haven't blogged in over a month.. I skipped right through Christmas and New Years without a peep from me... Plenty has happend that is blog worthy. In fact you don't know how many times.... Analise would say something witty or do something funny and I would say to myself.. oooo you so need to blog about that.. but still, nothing...

Well, here is the reason why...... (drum roll please) I have been reading other people's blogs and I have to admit.... I got Blogger Envy! Does anyone know what I am talking about? From something as simple as the way someone may have there blog set up, or wow... there life seems so exciting.. who would want to hear about mine.. Kudos to all you bloggers out there..... Your blogs are awesome!.. Hopefully one day my blog can remotely come close to the professionals.... :-) I am chuckling to myself as I type this.. but come on, I know someone out there has to know what I am talking about!

So a quick catch up: Christmas was incredible this year and New Years was awesome. We spent it in church taking Communion as a family. It will be a memory I will hold dear! (maybe in a later blog tell you why that was so special to me)

My 12th Anniversary is Sunday. I so do not feel old enough to be married for 12 years! But this one is going to be special no matter what we do. As of today, we have no plans. My Hubby is sick with a bad cold.. and you know he had to share with me. (thanks Jason) Hopefully we will be feeling better before Sunday.. Or we might be celebrating our anniversary in our PJ's on the couch wiping our noses.. (How romantic) This picture is us 12 years ago........

Analise update:

Her 2 front teeth are about to both fall out! Her pour gums are so red and swollen. I try to get her to wiggle them everyday but I think she is nervous about losing both of them! I wonder how much the tooth fairy will bring for both of her front teeth? Hopefully the Tooth Fairy has some mula in her bank.. :-)

I am proud to say that Analise got all straight A's again this quarter! That is my girl! She is so smart and loves to read and do her homework. Thankfully she takes after her daddy in this area.. :-)
Analise had her 1st non-family member's house sleep over. Adrian and Analise have been friends since they were 3 years old. Adrian's mom Nikki decided that she would venture out and let Adrian have a sleep over with Analise. I thought she was nutz, she just gave birth to her 2nd baby a month ago! Anywhoo.. I went along with it. I dropped her off, forced my kisses on her and told her to be good....... Then Jason and I went on a date.. We had a great time. I thought about calling Nikki about 10 times that night, but I had self control. Nikki called me in the morning and she sounded awful. I guess the girls stayed up to 1:30 and then woke up at 6:00!!!! I said.. why didn't you separate them? Nikki said she didn't have the heart too, but she did yell at them. As you can imagine, this will not be happening again anytime soon. Mainly because it is my turn next. I know I will not be as tolerant! I am BIG on sleep!

Last but not least:

I have put on about 10 OK.. maybe 13 pounds over the past few months. I knew it was time to starting focusing on loosing those lbs again when................. Sunday morning.. I just finished leading Children's church worship and my daughter runs up to me and says "Mommy, is there a baby in there? Your stomach is all squishy!!!" Ummmm... I was like no there is not a baby.. Mommy has just gained a little weight and I immediately tell her to go sit down..... and vow that I will do sit ups that afternoon! OK.. if that wasn't bad enough, last night we are sitting on the couch watching Lost and Analise starts rubbing her finger under my chin and says in a very loud voice "Mommy you have 2 chins" Shoot Me Now!!! So I went to the track and ran/walked about 3 miles!! I feel a little better.. I wonder what else she will just happen to notice???

Sorry this has dragged on.. If you hung with me this far.. then you must be a family member.


I promise to write more often! Tootles!